The First Bitcoin CRE Club

A floating Bitcoin CRE Office

About Us

CRE Club is an elite group of services, brokers and investors united in a private CRE Club Discord tokenizing CRE as Bitcoin to make CRE great again. The CRE Club tokenizes RWA as Bitcoin as 24HR service for subscribers. Promote your CRE on the fastest growing TikTok page CRE Club.


Our mission is to make commercial real estate great again starting by educating and tokenizing CRE properties for CRE Club members. We are committed to delivering customized Bitcoin marketing strategies, exceptional creativity, and measurable results to meet each of our members unique needs.


Our vision has already manifested as the leader of CRE Bitcoin commercial real estate marketing, guided by the pioneer of tokenizing CRE. The CRE Club is a members-only club to unite the CRE industry, remove the middleman from transactions, and expedite CRE deals.


We provide CRE Club subscribers with in-house services to learn how to tokenize their RWA. We use all digital channels to reach your target audience and maximize your budget and return on investment.


Social Media

CRE Discord social media platform subscribers unlock direct access to CRE services, brokers and investors around the world. Embed your TikTok, Instagram and X videos in the CRE Club Discord.



We tokenize RWA as a Bitcoin layer2 service exclusively for CRE Club members. We conduct an exhaustive review of your AUM to tokenize your RWA as Bitcoin CRE, which can then be auctioned, sold, or bartered in the CRE Club Discord.

Accept Bitcoin


One of the Bitcoin solutions for making CRE great again starts with accepting Bitcoin $RNT, a layer2 Bitcoin token with $0 transaction fees. We onboard CRE Club subscribers to accept $RNT and manage their $RNTal properties.

TikTok & Instagram

CRE Effects

Inform your social media followers with a branded TikTok or Instagram AR effect sign displaying the stage of the CRE deal. Pay your social media followers in Bitcoin $RNT for promoting your CRE.

Custom Websites

Web Development

We build custom Arvrtise websites for promoting your tokenized RWA (Real World Assets).

Captivating Videos

Video Editing

We create captivating videos that amplify your CRE in a unique way. Expert editing not only sets your CRE apart but also leads to organic social media growth, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We boost your CRE online presence with advanced strategies and techniques to optimize your organic search engine rankings. We consistently drive more potential customers to your website.

Effective Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We turbocharge your brand with high-impact CRE advertising strategies across Google, Yahoo, Bing, TikTok, and more, driving highly qualified traffic to your digital properties.

Bitcoin CRE

The CRE Club is only accepting new members that own a Bitcoin CRE, hold $RNT or contribute to the $RNT pool on Uniswap. Contact us with your #inscription number in your application below.

Contact Us

CRE Club is a private members-only club that requires an approved application to join.