No Middleman Fees


Brokers have the ability to network with other brokers, connect with investors, and engage with service providers.


Investors have the ability to network with other investors, connect directly with brokers, and engage with service providers.

Service Providers

Service providers have their own channel to promote their services to brokers and investors.

Status Quo


Many CRE networking platforms traditionally offer limited accessibility to investors


High subscription costs hinder access for smaller businesses and independent brokers


Limited platform access with strict data sharing regulations


Inaccurate or outdated property listings leading to a negative platform ROI

With BCC


You tokenize and own all of your CRE data securely in your blockcahin wallet


Access to private member only events around the world, held once a month


Reduce asset management fees and long-term broker costs while enhancing transparency


Access the latest AI and blockchain technology along with advisory services for digital assets

The BCC Solution

Streamline Capital Access

The CRE Club provides subscribers with direct access to brokers, investors, and service providers with private deal rooms

Advanced CRE Tech

BCC is the most technology advanced commercial real estate platform in the industry with access to AI tools and blockchain services.

No Middleman Fees

Experience streamlined, cost-effective CRE networking and transactions. This is the way.

How it Works

Our process for BCC members



BCC members are ranked using a leaderboard based on their activity to gamify our annual awards.


Subscribe and onboard onto the platform

Investors can verify $1M+ AUM for a members badge to exclusive events

Brokers can verify $1M+ in CRE assets sold for a members badge to exclusive events

Connect With Us

Speak to a team member to learn more about the blockchain commercial real estate club marketplace.

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